The Children's Act 38 of 2005 has placed a primary focus on the Best Interest of the Child in divorce settlements/disputes. This forms a basis of care and contact arrangements. In divorce disputes care and contact assessments include the assessment of parenting ability, the relationship between child and parent and the socio-emotional well-being of the minor children in regard to current and future arrangements.

Care and contact assessment involves:

  • Assessment of the psychological well-being of the minor children
  • Assessment of the parenting ability of the parents
  • The quality of the relationship between parent and child
  • Home visits
  • Consultation with appropriate collateral sources
  • Perusing of appropriate material to assist in making focused and relevant recommendations
The process followed:
Usually it is preferred that an attorney sends a letter of instruction to have an assessment done or that a court order has been issued for this to take place.  After this has been received a quote will be sent to the relevant parties responsible for payment.  After the quote has been accepted the assessment will commence.  The time frame of assessments vary regarding the complexity of the case.  It is important that enough time be given for a professional assessment to be done that will be of high standard.  If the first court date doesn't allow for this, an interin report is often provided until a more complete assessment is finalised. 
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